Lamar Odom Devastated By Jamie Sangouthai Death


Lamar Odom Devastated By Jamie Sangouthai Death

Former NBA star and estranged husband to Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom Devastated By Jamie Sangouthai Death.

Yesterday it was discovered that Jamie Sangouthai’s death was NOT from a drug overdose. Jamie died from complications after he was diagnosed with a flesh-eating disease which was caused by dirty needles. has learned that Lamar Odom is devastated by the death of his best friend Jamie Sangouthai and now friends are worried that he will fall off the wagon.

Here’s the report:

After Lamar Odom learned that his best friend died of a flesh-eating infection from dirty IV drug needles it has left Lamar feeling even worse.


Now an insider chatted with US Weekly recently, telling them:

“Lamar just found out the results and is even more devastated, because he didn’t know Jamie was suffering so much and using needles.”

But the tragedy has brought Khloe Kardashian back around, as insiders also claim that she is constantly checking in with Odom, to make sure he is okay. Odom is also no stranger to substance abuse, and this has hit him even harder as:

“He feels like it could have happened to him. This is a huge wake-up call for him. It has really shaken him.” 

While Lamar mourns the loss of his friend, other friends of Jamie’s have since taken up a donation page to help get Jamie a proper burial, as his mother can’t afford it.


What about his millionaire best friend Lamar? He should step up to help Jamie’s family is he is the best friend like he claims to be. Plus Khloe was also close to Jamie as well, so she should step up and donate as well.

Recently Khloe made sure to make people know that she gave her condolences to her ex French Montana’s friend Chinx, who she used to party with, but it was NEVER said that she donated money to help Chinx’s wife and children.

What is up with people who claim to be friends? If you can’t rely on friends to help your family when you’re gone then what does any of us have?

Hollywood, such a lovely town of “friends.”