Kylie Jenner Wakes Up and Dumps Tyga


Kylie Jenner Wakes Up and Dumps Tyga

The Young Money Entertainment rapper is probably sitting there with mud on his face since Kylie Jenner Wakes Up and Dumps Tyga thanks to an intervention. has caught wind that Tyga is losing money messing around with Kylie Jenner. Earlier we reported on Tyga pulling a no no-show for his own birthday bash at Greystone Manor in L.A. because Kylie was underage.


It was also said that Tyga repeatedly called the club begging for Greystone Manor to bend the rules for his under age girlfriend and risk being shut down. When the club refused his demands, Tyga bailed, infuriating his party sponsor Ciroc Vodka [Diddy].

Making matters worse, after Tyga switched the venue to The Argyle because its a restaurant and they allow patrons under 21, Kylie didn’t even show up!

Sources tell Radar Online that’s because Kylie’s sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have been pressuring Kylie to leave Tyga alone and she’s finally starting to listen.

Word is the family pulled and intervention telling Kylie that she NEEDS to seriously dump Tyga and that their “relationship” is ruining both of their brands.