Kris Humphries Spotted Doing Walk of Shame?

(CelebNMusic247) Kris Humphries Spotted Doing Walk of Shame:

Rumor has it, Brooklyn Nets baller Kris Humphries was spotted doing a walk of shame leaving Myla Sinanaj house in Rutherford, New Jersey Tuesday.

Despite Humphries denying any and all reports that he dated Myla, she swore  during her deposition in the Kim Kardashian divorce case … she and Kris were just friends.

Maybe she ment to say Friends with benefits?

Yesterday, CelebNMusic247 has learned that TMZ shot video of Kris leaving the girl he never slept with home.

Word on the street, Humphries allegedly spent several hours inside the house while car was parked outside the entire night Monday.

Notice he got there on Monday and left on Tuesday? Just saying!!!

Has Kris and Myla been hooking up all along? Was Myla pregnant with Kris’ baby? Did she get an abortion?

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