Kim Kardashian Reveals Wedding Details


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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding is apparently around the corner according to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star.

Kim Karadashian revealed on Ellen that she and her fiance Kanye West will be getting married summer of 2014, but not all the details have been official yet.

Kim gushed to Ellen DeGeneres like Tom Cruise to Oprah:

“He is honestly the most amazing dad. He loves her so much. He just left to go out of town, so I send him a picture and video every day. He’s like, ‘She grew up so much!’ And I’m like, ‘Babe, it’s been one day. You haven’t seen her in a day. Not a lot has changed.’ But he really is a hands-on dad.”  Interesting to note that the day after she gave this interview, Kim jumped on a plane to meet Kanye in Paris.  So I guess she meant that she sent him a photo for the one day and now the nannies will do it instead….  Also interesting, Kanye hopped that plane to Paris a day after he pummeled an 18-year-old man for supposedly threatening to kill Kim.”

Kim continued:

“He’s not a diaper kind of guy, and that’s okay.  He’s not a diaper-changing kind of guy. If it’s an emergency, he will [do it]. But I love that time. I know it sounds crazy, but I love my time with her when she’s on the changing table. I really enjoy that bonding time when I’m with her.”

On their wedding planning:

“It will be this summer. Somewhere out of the country. We honestly haven’t picked a date yet. We said when we were on our trip skiing this New Year‘s that we were going to pick the date and location, and that hasn’t happened. We know we want it in the summer time, but we just [have] to figure that out.

Kim and Kanye are reportedly thinking about holding their wedding at the Palace of Versailles.  They were snapped making a visit there over the weekend and Kim threw fuel on the fire by showing off the two of them outside the palace at night.



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