Killa Cam’Ron FIRES BACK at Mase “Let’s Play N—a”

Killa Cam'Ron FIRES BACK at Mase with Diss Track

You knew Cam’ron was not gonna let go that easy! Early this morning, Cam is FIRING back at Mase for releasing a diss track called “The Oracle.”

The diss track by Mase rips Cam’Ron to pieces with facts and two decades of history between hip hop artists. Read on to see what the resurrected Killa Cam just dropped…

Killa Cam'Ron FIRES BACK at Mase 'The Oracle' Diss

When it comes to hip hop diss track still prove relevant! It can bring any rap career back from the dead, like Cam’Ron and Bad Boys Mase!

Murda Mase returned late Friday with a diss track called “The Oracle” just in time for the holiday weekend. But Murda Mase resurrected Killa Cam early this morning.

Both of these MC haven’t spit lyrics like this in over a decade until now. Mase revealed he was letting things slide,but when Cam stated he was gonna kill him, shhhht got real, so Mase is dropping FACTS on WAX!

For any rappers out there today, this is how you do a beef, NOT the BS way of b-tchen on Twitter. Leave that for the Love & Hip Hop cast members.

Killa hopped on social media for what seems like a preliminary address of the situation. Posting a photo of Mase in a suit holding a bible, which looks like it’s from his days as a pastor. Of Course, Cam captioned the photo:

“Good morning to u to betha…lol, Let’s play nigga.. ?.”

It’s like Cam has been waiting for this day for a very longtime. It’s like Cam got morning wood he’s so excited to be beefing with his former Children of the Corn homie, Mase:

Killa Cam'Ron FIRES BACK at Mase 'The Oracle' Diss

See, what you might not know is that Killa Cam FIRED SHOTS at Mase on November 10th on a song called “It’s Killa,” from the mixtape The Program.

Cam previews his response diss track about Mase. Cam is excited to be in a new hip hop beef with his old Harlem homie Mase.

Killa didn’t stop there. He attacked the credibility of Mase as a pastor, so we have a clue which angle Cam’s diss track is headed.

Killa Cam'Ron FIRES BACK at Mase 'The Oracle' Diss

In the caption to the video, Cam calls Mase, PettyMurphy:

“False teacher mason betha.” Go check it. Smh shit brazy. Nigga ran a Ponzi. And Did this nigga do the Ric Flair “wooo” at da end? ?nah I’m out??#PettyMurphy?”

Then, last night Cam gave props to Mr Commodore for shutting down DJ Self playing “The Oracle.”

“Ayo @djself my man @mrcommodore made u turn dat shit off last night huh?! Lol. Lucky it was him ??”

Check it:

Prior to his early morning post, Cam has been making sure everyone knows that Dipset is cool posting a video of himself, with Juelz, Jim Jomes, Freaky Zeeky:

Tonite..for one night only. the saga continues! At da Hammerstein #Dipset

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This could get really, really ugly.

A couple weeks back Cam was spotted giving props to his former Children of the Corn members,Herb McGruff and the late Big L”

“The 2 dudes I wanted to be like. They was a lil older then me, but they was fresh, had $$, and could rap! Thx @hbrown73_gruff_the_great (herb mcgruff aka crime) Rip Big L ??#DangerZone #NFL #LenoxAv #UwasntThere”