Kid Rock: Inspired By BS To Fuel Songs For New Album

Kid Rock: Inspired By BS Is Fuel For New Album

As we previously reported, Kid Rock went on a disrespectful rant against Oprah Winfrey!

Well, it appears that Kid Rock has been inspired by all the backlash and is now creating new music. Read on to get more details since Kid Rock inspired to write new album… reports that Kid Rock took to social media at the top of the weekend letting his fans know that he was back in the lab creating again.

Kid Rock took to social media saying stating that since he doesn’t have to worry about a label frowning on his lyrics, he is going to “go the f-ck off!”

He writes:

All this BS going on has just got my blood pumpin’ and is only more songwriting fuel for a new record and tour in 2021. I am beholden to no one, no corporate sponsors, no label and I am gonna go the f-ck off!

The 48-year-old rock star adds:

You haters better be shaking in your boots.

Robert James Ritchie, best known as Kid Rock, went on to say:

To my supporters and fans, I will not let you down. I guarantee it will be my best record and tour ever. Devil Without a Cause…

– Kid Rock

Kid Rock: Inspired By BS Is Fuel For New Album

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