Keyshia Cole’s Fire’s Shot’s at Michelle Williams Again

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Keyshia Cole’s Fire’s Shot’s at Michelle Williams Again

It’s been five days after the Super Bowl, and Keyshia Cole is still clearly angry about Michelle Williams.

Cole took to Twitter again to rants again about her issue with the former Destiny’s Child singer.

However, Williams doesn’t care what Cole thought of her Super Bowl performance.

Keyshia started Ranting:

“Sounds about right!”

“Cause I didn’t give a shyt what she thought about my soul train performance when she spoke her shyt”

 Cole continued:

“Gonna say this again!”

“Michell spoke on me first. So it was open season to state my feelings on her. I always felt that about her. Just never said it. Until she spoke on me.”

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