Keyshia Cole Pregnant by 22-Year-Old Rapper Niko Khale

Keyshia Cole Pregnant by 22-Year-Old Rapper Niko Khale

Keyshia Cole and her new boo, 22-year-old rapper Niko Khale are expecting their first baby together. This is Cole’s second baby, she shares a son with Boobie Gibson.

The news that Keyshia Cole is carrying Niko Khale’s seed just surfaced today as she and her new man were spotted celebrating the 4th of July jetskiing. Read on…

 Keyshia Cole Pregnant by 22-Year-Old Rapper Niko has the latest tea spilling on Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale who decided to break the news via the power of social media to her fans.

Keyshia posted a photo of herself with the hashtag #preggoinmyFashionNovafit – Instantly the news spread to all channels in the media and has continued on.

We are here to help spread the news, because if there is one thing for sure, Keyshia knows how to find herself a young hunk. Niko is fine with a capital F, but that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

A few months back she went public with Niko and the newfound couple received plenty of criticism, so she fired back saying [via The JasmineBRAND]:

Here in Oakland, A lot of things going on right now, My father that I just met (Not too long ago) is in the hospital, and that’s REALLY DIFFICULT to deal with right now, amongst other things. ALWAYS a GOOD feeling to have support and Love from the people close to you. Oh and Neffe I did receive your PUBLIC apology, and I understand why you went PUBLIC with it. And I thought I should RESPOND PUBLICLY, and our lives have been VERY PUBLICIZED, and I want you to know, that I do love u back! ALWAYS WILL. And naw we haven’t been close, and that’s been going on for some time now, but I’ve BEEN forgiven you. I’ve forgiven mom and everyone I’ve felt has failed me in my personal relationships???? The only thing you need to do and worry about is getting YOU AND THE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN you’ve done an AMAZING JOB, raising.

She added:

Now the reason I’m posting The pepper to my salt @nikokhale is because he’s been such a sweetheart to me, and I know people have been very judgmental about our relationship but I gotta nurture what nurtures me.

Always, NOT caring what people think, Keyshia is proving it once again because she an Niko are expecting Y’all!

Take a look at these two together, they are very much in love despite Cole being 36. They are only 14-years-apart, but if you equate it to bedroom time they are both in their prime. Women are in their prime from 35 – 50 and guys 22 – 35 sexually.

Check out Keyshia because she is all in love with her sexy Niko:

sometimes ion even need a reason why? #MerryJane #FMRTavailableeverywhere

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Take a look at these two

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