Keyshia Cole Claps Back at Haters


Keyshia Cole Claps Back at Haters

Keyshia Cole took a lot of criticism due to her posting that she was headed to London and hope to visit the Eiffel Tower which sits in Paris. did some digging and came across Keyshia Cole response to her geographical error. After finishing her business in London she took time to address the haters, who BLASTED her for NOT knowing where the Eiffel Tower sits.

Keyshia Cole posted the following statement:

“Just landed back in LA!!! Didn’t get to see the Eiffel Tower! But hey maybe next time! So close but so far. I love Lindon but, I also love the shopping in Paris so trust me I kno the difference. But thank you to those who wanted to let me kno the difference between Paris and London. If u were to come to the states and say u wanted to see the bay bridge when u traveled to my city Oakland. I would have let u kno the difference as well. But considering you’re so close I would assume u would kno there would be a lil travel distance. Thank u guys. And I love the UK! I had so much fun!!!!!!”

We understand Keyshia used a comparison to explain he mishap, but can someone tell her that kno is spelled know. Just saying Keyshia. By the way she looked amazing when we bumped into her in LA.

Earlier today Cole posted a photo of an animated image of herself throwing up love with the caption:

“This is how I feel! I don’t want it.”