Kevin Gates Hints Wife Dreka Is Pregnant

Kevin Gates Hints Wife Dreka Is Pregnant

Kevin Gates Hints That his wife Dreka may be pregnant!

Rapper Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka are expecting their fifth baby which will soon make their family a party of five. Read on and find out if Kevin Gates wife is pregnant reports that the Baton Rouge, LA rapper announced via Instagram (in the sweetest way possible) that he and his wife Dreka Gates are expecting.

Kevin Gates took a break during their vacation in Africa and shared a cute video of him and Dreka Gates on Instagram Sunday (Dec. 29).

In the clip itself, Gates hugs his wife, who appears in laid-back leisure attire, before bending down to plant a kiss on her baby bump, jokingly teasing that she has “something in the slow cooker.”

Kevin wrote in the caption, hinting at the news with the hashtag #InDaSlowCooker:

What’s meant to be is meant be…

One thing fo certain is that Kevin loves his wife and he makes sure to share his love in a few Insta-vids:

Kevin Gates words of wisdom:

Gates gives some advice to his fans telling them they NEED to FIND that one person that makes them feel comfortable. Relationships are NOT just based on sex alone, its about friendship and that one person making you feel special like no one else does.


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