Keshia Knight Pulliam Claims Atlanta Maternity Ward of Racism

Keshia Knight Pulliam Claims Atlanta Maternity Ward of Racism

Keshia Knight Pulliam welcomed her first child, daughter Ella Grace via C-section last month, but former Cosby Show star 37, shared the awkward, embarrassing and frustrating story. She said that the hospital’s lactation specialist confused her for a woman without health insurance. Huh?

Where does Keshia Knight Pulliam get these stories. She has thrown Ed Hartwell under the bus every chance she can and now she is stating the hospital was racist…

Keshia Knight Pulliam Claims Atlanta Maternity Ward of Racism is kind of questioning Keshia Knight Pulliam and all these stories she keeps spilling to the media. Now Keisha tells another story about the hospital during her podcast, Kandidly Keshia.

Keshia Knight Pulliam began recalling the uncomfortable situation:

“This old little white lady, I think she may have voted for Trump, but bless her heart. So lactation specialists, for those who don’t know, because I’m breastfeeding, are the ones who help you through the process … anything having to do with breastfeeding.”

Pulliam went on to describe how things went down imitating the older woman’s Southern accent. She said the woman assumed that Pulliam must need to take advantage of the resources.

Yeah, ok, that’s a bit racist, stereotyping a black woman who is pregnant.

Keshia went on the reveal that the lactation specialist said:

“We have some great programs that you may want to take advantage of that you may need — WIC is a great program; I don’t know if you have insurance,’” the actress stated. “WIC is welfare. So I guess she saw this little black girl with the little baby by herself, and on the door, I didn’t realize that they’d put a faux last name, and the last name was ‘Brown.’ So I guess she saw ‘Miss Brown’ and was like, ‘She probably needs some WIC.’”

Keshia Knight Pulliam Claims Atlanta Maternity Ward of Racism

Keshia Knight Pulliam added:

“That’s when I stopped her — I said, ‘Ma’am, I have excellent insurance but thank you.'”

The former Cosby star explained that the specialist had no interest in helping her breastfeed:

“Like, she didn’t want to touch me,” “Lactation specialists … literally will, like, guide your boob, show you how to hold it, put it in the baby’s mouth. This lady was not trying to touch my little brown boobie.”

Ed Hartwell‘s ex wife, who he claims tricked him into marriage, continued:

“I was like, Mom, it’s OK. This lady, she doesn’t know any better, because if she knew better, she’d do better! But yes, the old Trump lady tried to give me the number for WIC. My thing is this: I get it, it’s about showing the services that are offered, and I probably wouldn’t have been offended had she [listed] several of the services, [not just] WIC.”

Bottom line, racism is every where and it doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor or a TV star. Black people have to deal with ignorance on the regular, because no one of color is immune to racism within the healthcare system.

Shame on the Lactation specialists at the Atlanta hospital.