Kerry Washington To Abort Child?



(CelebNMusic247-NewsKerry Washington To Abort Child?

In July Kerry Washington was rumored that She was pregnant and was trying to keep a low profile to hide her pregnancy, but inside source are telling us she allegedly will not have the baby.

We also heard Kerry Washington had gotten married to cover up the news that she was pregnant and now we are hearing that she’s NOT going to have the child? And to top that we also heard that marriage news was FAKE by an reliable source who says:

“I was paid by Kerry and her camp to insert a marriage certificate in the Idaho court system. I did it for them, but she’s been tripping lately and it’s really pissing me off, so this is my pay back to the b*tch. I did it, Nnamdi didn’t want to do it, but Kerry convinced him to go thru with it.”

Despite the pregnancy rumors, Kerry has made a couple of appearances over the past week one political and another in fashion news, which we could NOT tell if she is still hiding the baby bump or if she allegedly had an abortion.

On Sunday (Sep 8) the Scandal star Kerry Washington (a childhood friend of Milly Silva), Buono’s running mate for lieutenant governor — attacked Gov. Chris Christie as an enemy to women, the poor, minorities and gay and lesbians. She called on a crowd of several hundred chanting supporters at Montclair State University, where Buono attended college, to make sure the Republican doesn’t get another term.

Kerry Washington showed her support screaming to the crowd:

“I know that, for this state to move in the right direction — for this state to have the leadership it deserves — this state needs to come out and support and volunteer and vote for Buono-Silva.” 

Then Kerry was spotted out at New York Fashion week talking about Alexander Wang and her Scandal style. Though we could not tell if she was hiding a baby bump under her outfit, the rumor still is aparant that she may abort her pregnancy if she cannot have her pregnancy written into the storyline.

Now we are hoping the abort rumors are NOT true about Kerry Washington because she and her hubby Nnamdi Asomugha would probably have gorgeous children.

We heard she is trying to keep her pregnancy under wraps from DiaryOfaHollywoodStreetking.

Here’s the drop:

We’ve learned the reason why Kerry Washington pulled a no-show at New Oreleans’ Essence Festival, Saturday. Sources exclusively tell HSK that’s because the “Scandal” star is preggers for hubby Nnamdi Asomugha — and she’s looking to keep the news under wraps.

“Kerry plans on hiding out throughout the summer from the public.”

Kerry also plans on having Shonda Rhimes to write her character having a baby into the script for the new season of Scandal.”

We can’t wait to see the baby pics Kerry and we really hope this rumor is a FAKE!