Kelsie Davenport Joins Party Down 2 Season 2


Kelsie Davenport Joins Party Down 2 Season 2!!!

It’s another wet and wild season with Party Down South 2 but season two has a new roomie, Meet Kelsie Davenport Joins Party Down 2 Season 2.

Like the original Party Down South, the Party Down South 2 crew is getting a new roommate after Magan has left the coop to raise her new-born baby. This time around the PDS2 gang is heading to St Petersburg, FL to raise some hell, thrown back some drinks and Party like there is no tomorrow.

Sounds fun right?

Well we can’t wait to watch Party Down South 2 Season 2 because Bradley and Raven are still fighting, while Ashton and Karynda are fighting and Duke and Hunter are both competing for the new roomie, Kelsie Davenport.

Who is Kelsie Davenport?

The 21-year-old student is from Yellville, Arkansas native is a country man’s dream girl. She is a single blonde bombshell that comes with all the curves. Kelsie is a true party girl, she loves to have some fun and when put to the test she likes to take shots and likes to funnel. But don’t mistake the veracious blonde as a push over, she has a revenge streak and isn’t afraid of confrontation. Which means DRA-A-A-MA!

Davenport has several images on her Instagram page which feature her either in her hunting gear, showing off her gun, or showcasing her kills. It’s a safe bet that this Southern beauty isn’t afraid to get down and dirty if the situation calls for it.


Take a look at Kelsie Davenport in our gallery:

Party Down South 2 Kicks off on May 14, 2015 9/8C – so get ready to funnel while you watch.