Kelly Rowland Defends Beyonce’s Bow Down

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsKelly Rowland Defends Beyonce’s Bow Down

This doesn’t come as a surprise at all after Kelly Rowland’s former Destiny’s Child group mate dropped a controversial track which we’ve heard has put Bey back in the studio to rethink her fifth album, which is already rumored to be crappier than 4.

Apparently Kelly Rowland chopped it up with the Big Tigger Show and commented on her feelings on Bey and Bow Down/I Been On saying  she’s backs Bey 100% percent.

Kelly explains:

“I’ve heard pieces of what she’s done. She’s heard things that I’ve recorded and I just think it scratches the surface to everything else. I think it’s a great record (“Bow Down”). It’s her expression. I think, as an artist, you can express yourself however you want to and I just can’t wait for everybody to hear the rest of the record. It is insane.”

While Kelly also touched on being almost done with her own project,  ‘Talk A Good Game’.

She adds:

“I’m actually in the process of wrapping it up this weekend. This is actually the last recording session I’ve got for this album, but I’m so excited. I’ve been in the studio with Dream. I’ve been in the studio with Harmony. I’ve been in the studio with Pharrell. I’ve been in the studio with Kevin Cossom, who is incredible. When I tell you, he is so incredible and I’m so happy I got the opportunity to work with him.”

Check the questionable “Bow Down” lyrics:

I’m at that H town, coming, coming down, I’m coming down
Get it on the ground
H-H town-town, I’m coming down, coming down
Get it on the ground

I know when you were little girls
You dreamt of being in my world
Don’t forget it, don’t forget it
Respect that, bow down, b-tches

I took some time to live my life
But don’t think I’m just his little wife
Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted
This my sh-t, bow down b-tches

Bow down, b-tches
Bow-bow down, b-tches
Bow down, b-tches
Bow-bow down, b-tches

H-town b-tches, H-H-town b-tches

I’m so crowned, bow, bow down b-tches

Im at that H town, coming, coming down, im coming down
Get it on the ground

Let’s be real for a minute. Beyonce needs to step up her game because these lyrics are crap and even though her father Mathew Knowles is not repping her anymore its become prevelant that Bey needs Mathew. he would never let her release this crap! She is on her way to diva hood, but with whack anthem songs like this she’s on to flop-dum!

Beyonce is on her fifth album not her second and BS tracks like this shows that Beyonce needs to invest in better writers! I’m, a fan of Bey, but we agree Bow Down is pure garbage and an insult to her fans, because if you really think about it she’s dissin her fans and telling them to Bow at her feet.

She’s a R&B singer not a queen!

Check yourself Bey and rethink you  music girl, because if this is all you got for us on your senior albums then there is no hope for you anymore. Rihanna has you hands down with hits, better tracks, lyrics and more relatable music. Think relatable music and you will go far, but Bow Down makes Bey look amateur.


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