Katt Williams & Mike Epps Working On New Movie

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Katt Williams who is in current film Scary Movie 5 revealed  that he plans on staying out of trouble and getting back to making people laugh again.

The Comedian seems to have a new outlook on things since all the bad press last year and that Kevin Hart is the hottest comedian on the scene.  Hart has a hit show on BET with more movies on the way, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

We spoke to Katt about his role in Scary Movie 5 and his plans for the future and Katt revealed that  he plans to take the crown away from Kevin.

We know it sounds a bit bitter of him to say that but Katt seems to poke fun at Hart saying:

“I want my crown back! The comedy Lord giveth and he taketh away [laughs]“

“They gonna give the belt to whoever is standing there with their hand up, you know what I mean? The Hip-Hop fans are smart enough to know that everything that they do, there is an agenda behind what they are doing, they’re really trying to sell something so it’s a joy for me to get back to just selling funny.”

In addition to Katt going after Kevin he also had words with the very funny comedian Mike Epps who he recently beefed on Twitter with and is now set to be starring alongside Epps in a new movie!

Here is what Williams told ComingSoon:

Mike Epps and Katt Williams are set to headline a cowboy comedy in the upcoming Blazin Four, Deadline reports.

The film, a comedy take on The Magnificent Seven, will see Epps as Noah, a preacher in search of redemption, and Williams as El Loco, the leader of a villainous band of Mexican bandits who has no idea that he isn’t Mexican himself.

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