Kathy Griffin Spills Tea on Kim; Kanye West + Andy Cohen

Kathy Griffin Spills Tea on Kim; Kanye West + Andy Cohen

Recently Kathy Griffin spoke to Charlamagne on how former reality star turned President, Donald Trump RUINED her career.

Read on to get the latest as Kathy Griffin spills tea on Kim; Kanye West, + Trump

CelebNMusic247.com reports on Kathy Griffin who spoke to Charlamagne of The Breakfast Club about her 2017 experience after her notorious photo of Trump beheaded.

Kathy Griffin spills the tea on Kim and Kanye West, who she says were NOT Trump supporters in the beginning. She adds that after the photo scandal they stopped speaking with her and moved to Calabasas. After her incident, Kanye became a Trump supporter, she doesn’t know why.

She also says that Kanye still has all those mannequins from the “Famous” video in their home.

Next, she weighs in on Trump, saying that she met him back when he was trying to get on TV, he was a guest on her show “Suddenly Susan.” Kathy points out that Donald is NOT a smart man, and no she is not just saying that. He may be a billionaire, but his intelligence is less than and that is what is scary about him. We have a man like him as President of the United States and he is only out for his own self-gain.

Kathy Griffin Spills Tea Andy Cohen:

As for, Andy Cohen. Kathy says that she worked at Universal/NBC under Jeff Tucker back in the day. Andy Cohen was working in PR when she first meant him. She says “he was trying to be me.” She also says that Andy stole a lot of her jokes for his book and does some of them on their comedy tour he went on with her former friend Anderson Cooper who turned his back after the photo scandal.

Kathy spills the dirt on “Watch What Happens Live,” revealing that the Twitter questions are NOT real. The staff writers wrote them for Andy. All the questions are set up to get the guest to spill dirt.

She adds that he is an untrusting guy and is NOT talented and “I don’t trust him… it’s unprecedented that the guy who decides which shows stays on the network – fires me and then gives himself his own show that is picked up every season.”

Kathy Griffin continues to BLAST Andy Cohen saying that he purposely gets people on “Watch What Happens Live,” lets them drink and then when they say something that gets them in trouble he allegedly calls Radar Online and spills the tea saying in a muffled voice “Hello, this is not Andy Cohen…”

She talks about being on the D-List series that Andy was a horrible boss. She also reveals that if she was to offer coke to a guest on her show before they appeared on the show she would be RUINED. She points out that is the double-standard in the industry. She says to say that because she made over $75 million in her 40-year career, but everyone has turned their backs on her because of Trump, a man who was a reality TV star.

The 57-year-old comic feels Andy is a hack. He is NOT a comic and never worked hard to get what he has.

Kathy also points out that Anderson dogged her out, then 6 months later was upset that she responded to his nasty tweet.

Kathy Griffin Spills Tea Harvey Levin and TMZ:

Harvey Levin is a hypocritical gay man that plays the fence and supports whatever way the wind blows when it comes to Trump. She points out how Harvey helped Trump smear her and kill her career. She also points out that TMZ is a racist website that puts up unflattering photos of people of color and older women. Harvey’s TMZ site is to dummy down and put people of color in a negative light.  She feels that she was an easy target so he went after her.

We understand everything you are saying, Kathy, hit us up and let’s talk.

Kathy Griffin Spills Tea on Kim; Kanye West + Andy Cohen

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