Karl Urban Working To Fund Dredd Sequel


Karl Urban Working To Fund Dredd Sequel

Karl Urban is working “very hard to bring you Dredd 2″ back to the big screen for die hard fans. 

By now you’ve all seen Dredd starring Karl Urban which is a far cry from Sylvestor Stallone’s 1995 film Judge Dredd

Karl Urban admitted to saying that a second film were “happening” after a comic book sequel was released to support the first film, but the 2012 remake made just $36 million worldwide despite its $50 million budget. In the studios eyes that is conscidered a box office flop which is why we haven’t seen a rush to make the sequel.

Though fans have been campaigning for a sequel and have even signed a petition to see Urban return to the role of Dredd.  The remake film’s lead, Karl Urban, released a video to thank fans for their support.

He said:

“Hey Dredd fans, I’m Karl Urban. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and very hard work with the petition.

“I just wanted to say on behalf of everyone involved with the film Dredd, from Alex Garland to the DNA boys to myself, we really, really appreciate it and we’re working very, very hard to bring you Dredd 2.”

He added:

“So thank you so much and please, please continue your support as it really does help.”

Watch and listen to what Karl Urban:

We just hope the sequel is way better than the first, because the live-action film lacked in substance, storyline, and the essence the Dredd hero series.

We hope Urban is successful but this time around CelebNMusic247.com hopes that he taps a talented writer who knows Dredd. And no more cliche repetative fight scenes. The movie suffered the same fate as Milla Jovovich’s super styled Ultraviolet.