Is That Kanye West Peeing In Public?

Is That Kanye West Peeing In Public?

Paparazzi spotted Kanye West and Kim Kardashian walking together by a warehouse yesterday (February 26th, 2018).

Read on to see the full photo that surfaced on social media of Kanye West playing with paparazzi…

Is That Kanye West Peeing In Public? has the latest from Kanye West who decided to tap into his lil Kid side playing with paps and acting like he was peeing in public.

The photo [via Pop Crave] of Kanye West is actually funny. The Kardashian- West’s were spotted outside of a wharehouse in Los Angeles when paps started snapping pics. So, Ye decided to have some fun and make headlines.

While Kim was wrapped up warm in snake-skin boots, a white fleece and a sheepskin-lined coat, Kanye West was in a hoody and shorts looking like he was taking a piss.

Ye pretended to grab his crotch and urinate against the wall when he spotted them.

The photo was a hoax, Kanye was NOT actually peeing, his representative confirmed. Though the photo was fun and humorous.

Kim clearly knew that all too well, she is seen in the photo laughing at her husband’s latest mischievous antics. The two are happily married. They recently posted a photo of their newest baby Chicago, who was born in January via surrogate.