Kanye West Ordered To STOP Building Amphitheater in Wyoming

Kanye West Ordered To STOP Building In Wyoming

Kanye West Ordered To STOP Building In Wyoming!

Yesterday, Kanye West reportedly plunked down another $14 million an bought another new piece of real estate that sits on 6,713-acres. Read on because Kanye was order to STOP Building Amphitheater in Wyoming…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Kanye West is calling Wyoming home, but Wyoming is NOT too happy that Kanye has invaded their beautiful countryside.

Kanye West‘s new piece of real estate sits on 6,713-acres is comparable to Monster Lake Ranch, the 9,000-acre property Kanye bought for $14 million in September.

Bighorn Mountain Ranch comes complete with lodges, cabins, two heated helicopter pads and sweeping views of the surrounding mountains.

At the top of the week, Kanye revealed he is building a 70,684-square-foot amphitheater called the “West Meditation Space Large Impact Structure” which will be an open-air facility.

In the middle of construction, his ranch is drawing the ire of officials in Wyoming, and they’re ordering him to put the brakes on his construction project ASAP!

Park County Wyoming Planner Joy Hill said:

The County is ordering Kanye to cease construction on his property because he broke ground without a permit and that’s a big no-no.

Clearly celebrity status means NOTHING in Wyoming.

Kanye submitted docs to build a 70,684-square-foot amphitheater on his sprawling Monster Lake Ranch, and there were construction crews on the property moving large amounts of land to clear a footprint.

The Reason Why The Park County Wyoming Planner FORCED the STOP!

Kanye’s proposed meditation space was on the agenda at a Tuesday meeting for the Park County Planning and Zoning Commission, but the topic never came up because a few hours prior, Kanye’s team notified the commission he was changing the intended purpose of the site to residential use.


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