Kanye West Giveaway to Make Up For Low Ticket Sales

Kanye West Tour NOT Selling-108-1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsKanye West Giveaway to Make Up For Low Ticket Sales!

Kanye West Tour is NOT the hottest ticket in town since he’s been making all these negative headlines, plus ticket prices are too high.

Ye comes up with an alternative to create some type of buzz to get fans to buy tickets to his upcoming tour, because they’re not exactly selling like hot cakes.

Here’s the drop via In Touch:

An insider tells In Touch, “Kanye is doing sweepstakes because his NYC shows are not sold out. Compare this to Jay Z, who sells out his concerts in seconds or minutes. Kanye’s shows in his hometown of Chicago are not selling out either.”

Lower your ticket prices!

Hopefully he gets more concert goers since the US in headed for recession thanks to Republicans.