BUSTED: Kanye West ATV Video “Scaring” Antelope

Kanye West Under Fire For ATV Video "Scaring" Antelope

Oh, how the rich always believe they are ENTITLED to do whatever they want. Which leads us to entitle couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who have made headlines for chasing a heard of Antelope with an ATV.

Get the tea spill on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West posted a video of terrorizing some antelopes. Read on to watch Kanye West ATV Video “Scaring” Antelope…

CelebNMusic247.com is a bit annoyed by this one, but what we are hearing is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West purchased a huge 9,000 property, Monster Lake Ranch in Wyoming.

The land is deeded and there are plenty of RULES that Kanye West is supposed to uphold, but he already screwed up and violated one of the main ones, DO NOT TERRORIZE the wildlife.

Only Kim Kardashian had some sense when she yelled to her husband “I think you’re scaring them!!!” She was right because the Antelope are protected… which is why there are laws against it.

Watch the Kanye West ATV Video “Scaring” Antelope:

The problem with Ye is that he feels ENTITLED. like many people with money. It’s stuff like this that really PISSES us off with Kanye!

According to reports, the couple has come under scrutiny after Kim K. posted a video of the pair driving their ATV around the property.

A representative for the Wyoming Game & Fish Department saw the video and paid the manager of Kanye’s new ranch a visit, to make sure everyone is aware of the rules surrounding the wildlife on his ranch.

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