Kanye Gets Taylor Swift Dissed

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Kanye Gets Taylor Swift Dissed!!!

The outspoken rapper and sort of reality TV star Kanye Gets Taylor Swift Dissed during his performance in Glastonbury, England.

Finally somebody gives Kanye West a dose of his RUDE behavior!

CelebNMusic247.com has the drop on West, who apparently can dish it but not take it.


Here is how it went down:

During Kanye West’s performance out in Glastonbury, England, Yeezus was rudely interupted by Lee Nelson, who danced center stage.

It threw Kim Kardashian’s husband off, but we thought it was rather funny – The universe finally had Kanye Get Taylor Swift Dissed on stage.

Thank you universe, you are always looking out.

Anyways, Kanye kind of gave a ‘WTF’ gesture to his security, who promptly ramrodded the guy off stage. As far as we know, Nelson was not arrested.

Nelson has crashed other big shows as well, including the 2014 “X Factor” live shows.


Nelson didn’t let it go, tweeting, “I Kanye’d Kanye.”