Kanye Annoyed With Kim Criticism at Met Ball

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Kanye Annoyed With Kim Criticism at Met Ball

It seems Kim Kardashian can’t catch a break with her pregnancy and now Kanye is lashing out with dead stares and more!

The arrived at the 2013 Met Ball, but Kim received plenty of  boos and hisses from bloggers and fans on social media.

The celebutante attended the star-studded event with boyfriend Kanye West, and the “altered’ Givenchy original she wore was a complete miss.

The media has SLAMMED Kimmy K for the floral print, floor-length, long-sleeved, turtle neck  which was definitely eye-catching, but in  a negative light according to many.

A fashion insider told Life & Style.

“She had the Givenchy severely altered at the last minute on orders of her new stylist.”

“She’s gained a lot of weight in her arms and her stylist has told her she should not show them off. So her dress now has sleeves when it was sleeveless before.”

“Kanye is annoyed, as the dress is by his best friend Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy, and he feels embarrassed that Kim is messing with a beautiful piece of art.”

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Yes she looks completely uncomfortable and the dress is not flattering in any way shape or form, but the woman is pregnant!

It seems Kanye is just mad because his friend made it and nobody like the curtains Kim is wearing!

Fashion misfire!

She’s still pretty, just fat right now!

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