Juvenile Seaks On B.G. Sentencing

(CelebNMusic247) Juvenile Seaks On B.G. Sentencing.

Former Hot Boy Juvenile speaks on his friend B.G. being sentenced to fourteen years in prison for a weapons conviction earlier this summer.

 The onetime labelmate, Juve spoke in length about the bid, admitting that he was a little shocked by the duration of the sentence.

Juvenile told XXL:

“I mean 14 years was unexpected – I knew he was gon’ get some time …. I ain’t know it was gon’ be 14 years.”

 “It hit me like everybody else. Like, ‘Man, d*mn. Did it get that bad?’ He was on paper; he was on probation, and he had like a little drug charge or something that he got caught with. And, all that just fell in on him at one time ’cause he had like three open charges when they caught him.”

Juve added:

“People in his situation and I’m not saying he no junkie or nothing like that, but sometimes man, the drugs block out the person that you really are and it stops you from being the person that you really are.”

 “And, I think B.G. got so caught up into the drug thing, he forgot who he was. He forgot, ‘I’m a cool dude. I don’t need to carry no gun. I ain’t beefing with nobody.’ And, I think he just got caught up into the life. You know cats put him on a pedestal ’cause he B.G. B.G. means Baby Gangster. He feel like he had to fulfill those shoes.”

Do you think B.G. deserves 14 years?