Justin Bieber Undercover Drug Addict


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Could 19-year-old Justin Bieber be an undercover druggie? Is Sizzurp aka Lean why his behavior has been irrational and Biebs outbursts of anger so intense?

Has the pressure of being a pop star and continually grinding caused him to turn to drugs to relieve the stress and work load.

It appears that raid on Justin Bieber’s home has revealed a treasure trove of drug paraphernalia strewn all over his house on Tuesday.

According to deputies, drugs were NOT on their radar, but sources familiar with the situation are revealing that there were 2 large cookie jars filled with weed in plain view and there was also 4 – 5 empty codeine bottles in the mansion with the names of the people who used them.


It gets worse for Biebs, because the cups revealed that they were used for Sizzurp (also called lean) — which is Justin’s drug of choice.  We’re told he likes to draw on the cups with markers after using them.

Here’s the drop:

And speaking of Sizzurp … Sprite is usually part of the mix, but we’re told Justin preferred pineapple Fanta instead.  There were empty Fanta bottles that were discolored … we’re told from the codeine.

There were lots of “swisher sweets” cigars laying around the house — Bieber’s preferred way to smoke marijuana.

And speaking of weed … we’re told Justin has a dedicated smoking room in the house, complete with hookah pipes.  Sources say when cops showed up … some of his friend went into the room and some of the illicit stuff went down the toilet.

As for why cops didn’t seize any of these items … law enforcement sources say they were not on the hunt for drugs — they were primarily looking for video equipment that may have been attached to surveillance cameras.  In fact, cops probably couldn’t pry and open jars and such, because it would have exceeded the scope of the search warrant.

According to source, Justin has developed a serious drug problem and addicted To Lean, so his people are pushing him to enter rehab … something he has resisted.