Justin Bieber BUSTED in Dubai

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Justin Bieber has once again got himself in trouble with the law!

Its been reported that the Bieb’s was driving way over the speed limit in a white Lamborghini when he set off numerous speed cameras and was eventually pulled over by police.

Justin needs to learn to obey the law especially when he’s out of country in Dubai!

Here’s the drop:

According to Dubai newspapers (via FOX News), the ‘Beauty and a Beat’ singer was speeding through the United Arab Emirates city, when he was slapped with speeding violations that were, obviously, accompanied by fines. Knowing how fast Lamborghinis can go, we would imagine these fines are rather hefty, though we’re sure Justin can pay his tickets many times over.

Bieber hasn’t mentioned much about his visit to the Arab nation, besides a post on Twitter that read:

He added this Tweet since he’s on to the next (country that is):


But the drama didn’t stop there, the Biebs has had quite an eventful trip to Dubai, which included an overly-enthusiastic fan getting onstageonly to get pummeled by his astute security detail, but not before knocking over Justin’s piano in the process.

Check Justin’s “All Around The World” ft. Ludacris:

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