Juelz Santana Weighs In on JoJo Simmons Incident

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsJuelz Santana Weighs In on JoJo Simmons Incident

Juelz Santana stopped by Power 99 to chop it up about a few headline topics.

416-Jojo-simmons-chocked out-1The first was  about Atlanta rap star Waka Flocka Flame‘s recent appearance at a Dipset reunion show in New York City, where Waka took the time to diss his former associate Gucci Mane. The second was about Russell Simons son JoJo who got chocked out after he released a diss record earlier this year that which took aim at Juelz Santana.

The son of Rev. Run and nephew to hip hop legend Russell Simmons, Jo Jo Simmons, was in a picture posted to Instagram, allegedly on the phone “saying sorry” to Juelz Santana for calling him out in his song “Holy Water”.

Santana said of Waka’s diss:

“I mean, it wasn’t that it surprised me.”

“Waka’s Waka, Waka wants to do what Waka wants to do. That’s nothing to do with me.”

When asked about the recent altercation between JoJo Simmons and Hyneif–an affiliate of Santana’s, Juelz replied.

JoJo said of the incident:

“Nothing, nothing.”

 “It’s just, you know? It’s cool, he’s cool, we cool. It’s cool. Nothing happened, nothing’s going on.”

Apparently, JoJo was allegedly attacked over the diss record he released earlier this year, which took aim at Juelz.

However, it was reported by our friends at MediaJuiceJoint that JoJo responded to the attack, saying in the video below:

We love Juelz Santana, but JoJo Simmons needs to stay in his lane and cut the hood thang…he grew up with a platinum spoon in his mouth and just comes off whack when he tries to act thug!

Its comical, he acting like a little boy, especially dissin someone like Juelz Santana….Son you playing with fire dissin Dipset and your uncle Russell Simmons and daddy Rev Run can’t protect you! OMG LAWD! Someone School this boy trying to act like a man!!!! LOL this video response is pure comedy!

You know they gonna let JoJo learn the hardway! JoJo needs some hard knock life!

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