Juelz Santana Pleads NOT Guilty

Juelz Santana Pleads NOT Guilty

Well, we just got word last night, that during court on Thursday, Juelz Santana has entered a not guilty plea in his criminal case.

Really, Juelz Santana, NOT guilty? Read on…

Juelz Santana Pleads NOT GuiltyCelebNMusic247.com understands that Juelz Santana may not see himself as a guilty man, because it was possibly accidental that he brought a loaded gun to the airport along with some Oxicodine.

Yeah, that makes sense. Just keep telling yourself that Juelz Santana if it makes you feel better.

The only problem with any of this is that when this all went down in March, why did the “Realer Than Most….. ?” rapper run when TSA spotted the gun in his bag?

That is what made him guilty. If he didn’t run he probably wouldn’t be facing prison.

Juelz should have just played stupid after he was accused of bringing a .38-caliber Derringer to Newark Liberty International Airport. He faces charges of attempting to bring a firearm on an airplane and possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. For more backstory click here…

The JasmineBRAND has the minutes from the court and is the first one to report his plea of NOT guilty.

It also means he is facing up to 20 years in prison!

None of this is good by any means. Juelz is a father of three with his longtime partner Kimbella, who may now end up a single mom with her man in prison. Oh, the Love & Hip Hop of it all.

The Dipset member has really got himself in a load of cow ____ if you ask us.