Judge Clears Rick Ross Of Rape Charges

Rick Ross

MMG head honcho and rapper Rick Ross and his bodyguard scored a victory in court last week after a judge Clears Rick Ross Of Rape Charges!!!

Get all the details on the flip in regards to sexual assault lawsuit that was filed against Rick Ross last year…

Rick Ross and Thaddeus “Black” James

If you remember Rick Ross and his bodyguard came under fire last September when a woman insisted that she was drugged and raped by Rick Ross’ bodyguard, Thaddeus “Black” James!

In February 2015, an unidentified victim, known only as a “Jane Doe,” claimed that she accompanied Rick Ross and Black to a performance at the Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles.

Jane Doe went on to say that Black spiked her champagne with an unknown drug during a ride back to the W Hotel, in which she passed out, CelebNMusic247.com has learned, via AHH.

The woman went on to say that when she came to, she found that she had been raped and sodomized.


In addition to his bodyguard Black, Rick Ross was also named as a defendant in the lawsuit, as was Maybach Music Group and Warner Music Group.

The action was filed after Rick Ross was caught up in a firestorm of controversy over unpopular lyrics he spit over a remix of Rocko’s hit song “U.O.E.N.O.,” which alluded to spiking a woman’s drink without her knowledge. The recording caused a chain of events as Ross lost his Reebok endorsement and concerts were cancelled.

The heat got so intense that corporate sponsor Reebok responded to the outcry by ultimately dropping Rick Ross over the lyrics.

The recent court victory is some good legal news for Rick Ross, who along with Black, still faces serious charges for allegedly pistol-whipping a groundskeeper and holding him against his will.

Rick Ross and crew

Do you believe justice was served? Is Rosay and Black are innocent? Was the woman lying or telling the truth?

If you had the opportunity would you need to be drugged by Rick or Black to have intercourse with the duo?