Joycelyn Savage’s Parents on MAD Search for Daughter

Joycelyn Savage's Parents on MAD Search for Daughter

Joycelyn Savage’s parents Tim and Jonjelyn Savage NOT STOPPING until they find their daughter, one of R. Kelly’s alleged victims!

Tim and Jonjelyn Savage are desperate to get in touch with Joycelyn Savage while R. Kelly is locked up. Continue on to see what Joycelyn Savage’s Parents have done so far… reports that Tim and Jonjelyn Savage are focused on finding their daughter, Joycelyn Savage, and so far have been unsuccessful.

With the news that R. Kelly has been arrested on federal sex crimes and racketeering, Joycelyn Savage‘s parents, Tim and Jonjelyn are on a mad search for their daughter.

Joycelyn’s mom and dad were in Chicago recently and went with cops to Kelly’s Trump Tower residence to do a welfare check on Joycelyn, but she had been relocated.

They have no idea where she is but hope to contact her soon through Kelly’s people, possibly his spokesperson, Darrell Johnson.

Mr. and Mrs. Savage was back in Atlanta Friday morn for his news conference on Kelly’s arrest. Before Darrell could speak, Tim interrupted Johnson demanding to know where Joycelyn’s at!

Tim and Jonjelyn say they’re eager to set up a meeting with their daughter and get her the help she needs. Joycelyn’s parents are ready to make it happen ASAP!

Clearly, Joycelyn being one of them. #SMH

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