Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hospitalized

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hospitalized

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was hospitalized after suffering a bike accident on the set of ‘Power.”

Read on to find out all the details on why Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hospitalized… reports that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was thrown over the handlebars of a bicycle and injured his arm…

Gordon-Levitt was then rushed to the hospitalized. If you recall, Joseph is not new to bicycle accidents as he had another biking disaster when he was shooting the 2012 movie, ‘Premium Rush.”

The ‘Looper’ actor who was filming a Netflix Sci-fi thriller with Jamie Foxx in New Orleans revealed a video of his accident. He was literally propelled in the air.

He captioned his video with this comment:

I have bad luck shooting on bikes.

The ‘Inception” thespian had been spotted with an ice pack on his arm. In addition, Joseph added a video of himself getting wheeled into urgent care. There is no confirmation of the actual injury, but it appears that he is not badly hurt.

Joseph, who is married to Tasha McCauley has two sons, one three and one fifteen months. He is not big on his position in the public eye and has been known to think that ‘celebrity is not healthy’.

He shared:

It’s tough to complain because it’s a really privileged life I get to lead, but, the whole celebrity thing is unhealthy, and I feel bad perpetuating it.

Well Joseph, please do not feel bad about celebrity status. We enjoy your acting and say just use your status for a greater cause of your choice. Your platform can help many others and you have the opportunity to stand up for a cause.
Our best to you for a speedy recovery.

Here is the footage from the incident:


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I have bad luck shooting on bikes ?

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