Joseline Hernandez Calls Funky Dineva The Help


Joseline Hernandez Calls Funky Dineva The Help!!!

The Funky Dineva better watch his back, because Stevie J’s lady ain’t playing, Joseline Hernandez Calls Funky Dineva The Help.

After Monday night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez was put in the hot seat when Tigger had Funky Dineva come out to recap the episode. has hot tea to spill and this time it’s boiling:


After Funky weighed in on the cast (Momma Dee, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, PreMadonna, and Jessica Dime), leaving the best for last reading The Puerto Rican Princess for NOT dropping an album since season 1. He pointed out that K. Michelle who has NOT only moved on from the show, she has dropped 2 albums, had a spin-off with a second season on the way and dated 4 NBA players and we still haven’t gotten anything from Joseline, but 1 tired video to add to her other wack videos from season 2.

The Funky Dineva pointed out:

“Joseline, ever since Love & Hip Hop started, K. Michelle done had one show, two CDs, three tours, and four NBA players, yet we ain’t got no music from you. What’s the tea?”

Well Joseline didn’t take kind to any of it and sounded off on Dineva, letting the blogger in a wig have it on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Afterparty Live!

The feisty Latina fired back:

“Boo, I am an international superstar and I do got music out in these streets and everybody love my music, check me out.”

Joseline continued to say:

“Please don’t get caught up in Peter St. ‘cause we know where you at, so catch yourself. Watch your mouth, and not only watch your mouth, watch what you … say out your beef suckers because that’s what you like to do, OK?”

“Watch your mouth before someone finds you on Peter St. and take your wig off, OK?”

Joseline chided:

“‘Cause I don’t even like you.”

However, host Big Tigger did his best to end the argument, but not before Funky Dineva joked that Joseline insults were “the best English she done spoke in 2015.”

It’s obvious that Joseline can dish it, but she can’t take it!

She got so pissed she called the Funky Dineva a “Cucaracha” before the blogger signed off the chat.

The insults didn’t end there with Joseline, she called Dineva the help and then FIRED SHOTS at former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Benzino.

“I don’t mess with the help and that’s what Funky Dineva is, OK? Now go take that nasty wig off before someone find you an Peter Street, ‘cause we know where you be at, ‘cause you love to be in the bathroom with Benzino doing you know what.”

Dayum, Joseline! Really?


Since Joseline’s public bashing of Funky Dineva on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Afterparty Live! has gone on to SLAM the Puerto Rican Princess with some videos on how bad she truly sounds when she sings.

Below you can see Joseline’s most recent video “Stingy with my Kutty Katt”:

Maybe this is why we haven’t heard any music from her. And let’s be honest if Stevie J can’t help her then nobody can..He’s a golden child for hits and success stories like Faith Evans, Biggie Smalls, Diddy and the list goes on.

The Funky Dineva released some footage of Joseline Hernandez in the studio and she ain’t liking it one bit! Take a look:

If you missed the catfight between Joseline and Funky Dineva, you can check it out here since VH1 has disabled the share mode on this video.


The next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Afterparty Live! airs Monday nights at 9:30 p.m. on VH1.

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