Joe Budden Weighs In on Cam’ron Response to Jim Jones

Joe Budden Weighs In on Cam'ron Response to Jim Jones

Joe Budden weighs in on Cam’ron’s rebuttal to Jim Jones emotional interview last week with Funkmaster Flex. Budden says he already knew about all of it, but Joe and his crew break it down.

Flip and get Joe Budden, Mall and Bars perspective on the fall of the Diplomats…

Joe Budden Weighs In on Cam'ron Response to Jim Jones

Joe Budden explains on that Jimmy went through a lot being the goon of Dipset to where it is today. The felt that Cam’ron putting Jim Jones down for crying was distasteful.

We agree.

Jim and his crew says that the problem with Cam’ron is that he never likes to show his vulnerability. Joe then asks the question on which one of them is full of sh-t. They explain that there are three sides to this story and one of the two is NOT being honest about the situation.

Joe gets intense laying in on Cam’ron about the Tricky Ricky shirts, but scratches that up to brothers playing. However, when it comes to Jim starting the Byrdgang, Joe goes deep saying it was foul on Cam’ron part when he states that he wasn’t a part of that so he spitefully bought the trademark to the name.

Joe makes it clear that Cam’ron was dirty for that under-handed sh-t! Joe says, “someone make me understand Cam copyrighting Byrdgang.” Joe says, “Kids build your brand and copyright everything.” It was a snake move on Cam’s part. The crew explains, “You don’t do your man like that. Jim that was your plate”

Joe states that “Cam’ron was wrong to blame at Jim put Stack Bundles, and Max B albums out they wouldn’t be in jail. It’s tasteless and classless.” Joe makes it clear that “I’m a Harlem lover first.”

The talk about Jim’s first album Hustler P.O.E.M. talking to Stack, born Rayquan Elliot, back in the day, and how he was on the rise to greatness. Then nothing Stack was fatally shot as he was heading into his apartment at 5 a.m. in Far Rockaway. Joe also weighs in on Cam’ron saying he didn’t know Jim until he was older and he didn’t grow up with Jones. That’s straight up BS, Cam and Jim knew was each other when they were kids. They did grow up together.

Joe says breaks it down that Cam was wrong for making fun of Jim falling in love with Chrissy. Then copyrighting his brand behind his back, when all Jim Jones was trying to do is to have his own brand, which Cam stole. That is where the statement about Jim saying he lost millions comes in.

When it comes to Jim Jones, he was speaking from the heart and looking back on things, he got emotional. There is pain with those memories. He’s grateful to Cam, but Cam played him a fool.

Jim Jones is noticeably hurt by his brother Cam’ron. He even touched on Cam NEVER coming to any of his shows. Cam never denied or admitted that he didn’t show. Joe also feels that Cam’ron has a bit of jealousy because Jim Jones “Ballin” was the biggest song out of the Diplomats crew. Cam’ron repeatedly brought up Jim Jones “Ballin” several times. He also made it a point to say Mase taught Jim how to rap.

Joe breaks it down when the Jim Jones and Game’s Certified Gangster came out in 2004. There was a time in Jim Jones career when he was numero uno of The Diplomats while Cam was in Ohio. The feud seems to be more about jealousy that Jim’s music reached more people that him.

They also explain that Jimmy was loyal to The Diplomats 100%. Joe feels that Jim was a victim to his own loyalty. Jim has 15 years of aggression anger and hurt during his Funkmaster Flex interview. Cam NEEDS to understand that, but he didn’t acknowledge.

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Bottom line what is the resolution? Both these men love each other, but Cam NEEDS to step up and squash this.