Joe Budden Theorizing Nicki Minaj is Pill Popping

Joe Budden Theorizing Nicki Minaj is Pill Popping

During a recent podcast by Joe Budden, he and his crew weighed in on Nicki Minaj after she insulted a blogger who criticized her music.

Joe Budden, who has had his own issues with party favors, points to why he thinks Nicki Minaj might be on something while insinuating somebody should be keeping a close eye on her. Read on…

Joe Budden Theorizing Nicki Minaj is Pill has the latest theory coming from the Joe Budden show weighing in on the queen of the Barbs Nicki Minaj.

In traditional Joe Budden fashion, the veteran hip-hop MC and New York native get right to it by airing he views on Nicki Minaj quickly saying:

Let’s all try to guess the drugs that Nicki Minaj is on. Somebody should watch her usage. Nicki Minaj is 100% on something.

He entices the idea Minaj could be popping pills after receiving confirmation from a video post:

I’ve said this on this podcast a bunch because Meek talked about it. Meek talked about him being hooked on pills while he was with her. I know that battle all too well, I’m not trying to be funny here. I really think that somebody should intervene, it’s getting progressively worse.

Joe goes on to say that Nicki’s behavior has been very reactive.

I don’t see anything wrong with what [the blogger] said. Nicki be in The Shade Room comments clapping at people. To me, that reeks of pill usage. Because pills make you react and respond. I’ve done a bunch of pills. I’m assuming, to be clear I don’t know.

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