Joe Budden On Drake’s OVO Goons Hit List

Joe Budden On Drake OVO Goons Hit List

Joe Budden is laughing his @ss off that he and his crew has landed on Drake’s OVO Goons Hit List!!!

Read more on what list Joe Budden just landed on…

Joe Budden On Drake OVO Goons Hit List

According to Joe Budden, he and his DJ AV Podcast crew need to start looking over their shoulders, because a member of OVO put Joe on a list.

Joe says he is suing as soon as it happens. In fact he said, have OVO tell him where to be to make it happen so he can SUE THEIR @SS! just heard Joe Budden weigh in on Drake and how they landed on the OVO Goons Hit List.

Apparently Drake’s Goon will attack on site if they show up in the same place as Budden.

The founder of Mood Muzik Ent. clowns the talk of being on the list saying:

“if there is an actual list that has people being crossed off, then someone is holding a pencile.” He goes on to make fun of the list saying, Drake is probably saying “Aubrey is probably saying come into the kitchen with a pen.”

It’s a hilarious segment with Joe laughing off the fact that Drake wants his goon to allegedly beat him up.

Listen to Budden talk about Drake:

What do you think about OVO wanted to come after Budden and his crew?