Joe Budden: Eminem's "Untouchable" is "One Of The Worst Records"

Joe Budden: Eminem’s “Untouchable” is “One Of The Worst Records”


Joe Budden didn’t hold back on Eminem’s latest efforts, the New York rapper dubs “Untouchable” is “One Of The Worst Records”!

Read on to see what else Joe Budden had to say and Eminem’s new music…

Joe Budden: Eminem's "Untouchable" is "One Of The Worst Records" got the latest from the rapper turned Everyday Struggle host, Joe Budden, who isn’t feeling Eminem’s latest musical endeavors.

Joe Budden didn’t hold back from dropping some harsh words for Em, which is particularly interesting one, given his previous history with Eminem.

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Budden made sure everyone heard his opinion on the Joe Budden Podcast and Everday Struggle regarding “Untouchable.” Normally, Joe would opted to give non-answers regarding anything Em or Shady Records, but this time he targeted The Detroit native, calling his album “one of the worst records [he’s] ever heard.”

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The heavy criticism began during a debate about whether or not Big Sean’s Double Or Nothing was trash. It all started when Mal put Joe on blast for hating on Sean while giving Em a pass. Cyn Santana’s man wasted no time weighing in on Em saying

“I don’t care if there’s good rapping on there…When that album comes out, if it’s fuckin’ trash, I’ma be the first n***a to call it trash…That shit he doin’ is trash, and that Big Sean album is trash!”


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