Jim Jones Gets in Mob Fight Against Lunatic Fans

Jim Jones Gets in Mob Fight Against Lunatic Fans

Dipset member Jim Jones just got the breaks beat off him outside Club Zone In Springfield Massachusetts.

Read on to get the tea spilling on Jim Jones brawling, no NOT Balling…

Jim Jones Gets in Mob Fight Against Lunatic FansCelebNMusic247.com has the latest tea spilling on rapper Jim Jones who apparently got into a fight and ended up getting the breaks beat off him.

Jim Jones made headlines once again, but as always it means some ish went down. Anyways, the “banging” rapper who just dropped his “Wasted Talent” album this month was caught fighting.

On Sunday, the Dipset rapper was chilling and lounging by his car, taking some photos with some lovely ladies, when the drama ensued. A mob of angry men gathered and got into a standoff with Jim’s security.

All it took was a couple of angry yells back and forth, and things went left. The gloves were off and it was straight up fist to cuffs. Capo and his security fight to protect themselves against a group lunatic fans.

Take a look at Jones brawling in the streets against a mob of angry men. Jim held his own but in the end the mob beat the brakes off him.

This was so unessassary, Jim Jones was signing autographs and taking selfies with his fans, but it appears he was old doing it for the ladies. Of course, the men were NOT feeling it so they started throwing blows at security.

Really guys? Y’all tough now? #SAD