Jhené Aiko Struggles with Post-Big Sean-Split Track “Triggered”

Jhené Aiko Struggles with Post-Big Sean-Split Track "Triggered"

If you recall, Jhené Aiko and Big Sean had a bad break up, and he admitted on social media that he was happy to have removed her from his life.

Now, Jhené Aiko bared her soul on a new freestyle entitled “Triggered.” Read on to get more on why Jhené Aiko drops post-Big Sean-split track “Triggered” on wax

If you recall, CelebNHealth247.com reported that Big Sean opened up about his struggles with his mental health and how he’s doing after making changes to his life.

Why Jhene Aiko struggles with post-Big Sean-split track “Triggered.”

Let’s not forget that Big Sean talked about being pushed into a number of “toxic” situations and relationships, namely Jhené Aiko, but he didn’t mention her name.

She admits to still being bitter and having feelings for Sean and is still working through the pain and heartbreak. After Sean’s admissions, she clapped back about being toxic.

Now, CelebNMusic247.com has the latest from Bigg Sean’s ex Jhené Aiko who dropped her single “Triggered (freestyle)” just hours after posting a message sharing that she was recently dealing with some emotional and mental baggage that almost broke her down.

On Tuesday evening she wrote:

One night I was so deep in my feelings, I was afraid of what I might do,” she wrote. “I didn’t want to revert to the same bad habits that have set me back time and time again.

Jhene continues:

I realized that instead of running away from my emotions…I needed to sit with them, express myself and say whatever came to mind,” Aiko continued. “It was healing to say the least…and now I feel a bit more free.

She ended the message with a blue heart and the hashtag “#triggered.”

The soulful singer first teased the track back in December when she shared a snippet with her Instagram followers, but now after some time, she has released the track.

The song is laced with ghosts of a relationship past as she gets honest with herself about how she feels following the break up with Big Sean.

Quotable Lyrics

Might catch a case in this b*tch
Don’t let me catch you face-to-face in this b*tch
Tryin’ my hardest not to disrespect you
After what you did what you expected

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