Jermaine Dupri Reveals Babyface Had Best Advice

Jermaine Dupri Reveals Babyface Had Best Advice

Jermaine Dupri recently spoke on what he learned from Babyface back in the day.

This week, Jermaine Dupri, the man who made Shad Moss a household name with Bow Wow, tried to teach him some valuable lessons but the intervention was a bust. But it goes to show you a man learns and a man knows how to take advice which leads us to JD, who reveals the best advice he had came from his peer, Babyface. Read on as Jermaine Dupri reveals Babyface had best advice…


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A post shared by Jermaine Dupri (@jermainedupri) on reports that during a Q&A with Closer Look Jermaine Dupri reveals that Babyface was the man who taught him that major success on one album is nothing.

In a video post by Jermaine Dupri he captions the video “The Best advice given to me, was from Babyface.”

JD explains:

My little record Jump, JD’s first album with Kriss Kross, is cool but it don’t mean nothing.

Jermaine says when he first met Babyface, he said to him, “Oh you the guy with the little Jump record.”

The host laughs while Dupri goes on to say he went into this young space saying:

Maaaan, you don’t know what you talking about.

Then he snapped out of it, and then back in because he was all up in his emotions saying “Babyface old” and then he questioned Babyface:

Do you know how big my record is?

Babyface replied:

Yeah, but it don’t mean nothing until you do it multiple times.

He adds:

You don’t mean nothing until you do it multiple times as a producer.

But Jermaine realized Babyface was teaching him some truth about his career.

He said after realizing what he learned “that was the end of his celebration for Jump.”

Dupri adds:

Sometimes we get lost in celebration after we’re done, but once its done move on…

After that, JD was making going platinum with Da Brat, then Jagged Edge, next Bow Wow, then on to the next dropping multiple albums and not stopping.

It was the best advice he ever got.

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