Jeezy and Rick Ross Throw Down At BET Awards!

(CelebNMusic247) Jeezy and Rick Ross Throw Down At BET Awards!

Word on the street is, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross came to blows as the pre-recorded BET Hip-Hop Awards came to a close on Saturday night.

It all went down backstage as the two rappers got into a confrontation backstage that continued into the parking lot.

Though most fans gathered in the Atlanta Civic Center for the taping of the show were unaware of any unsettling events, those trying to leave the building found it on temporary lockdown while the situation unfolded.

However, Funkmaster Flex claimed to have a prime view of the skirmish and quickly took to Twitter to spread the news.

Flex Tweeted:

“Jeezy and Rick Ross just had words backstage!! Pushing and shoving!!”

“Beef just spread to the parking lot!”

Now here is where the reports are misleading, since Flex reports claims that a source on the scene say that after the fight had been broken up, a member of Rick Ross’ entourage pulled out a gun while in the parking lot and shots were fired. It is unclear if the man was arrested.

CelebNMusic247 has also heard that BET security and bodyguards for each of the rappers eventually separated the two.

While the AJC reports that no shots were fired and no injuries resulted from the altercation.

CNM247 has learned that neither Jeezy nor Ross were arrested.

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