Jay Z + Offset Fight: You Can’t Have Beyonce

Jay Z + Offset Fight: You Can't Have Beyonce

According to a known tabloid site, Offset is set to release a new song and Jay Z is allegedly NOT too happy about the title.

It’s also been said that Jay Z is attempting to make sure that Offset keeps his wife Beyonce’s name out of his mouth. Read on to watch the Jay Z + Offset fight…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Jay Z is allegedly trying to shut down Offset’s new song “UR My Beyonce” according to the infamous gossip site, MTO.

It looks like Jay Z was getting ready to jump at Offset flexin’ like he ready to fight!

The site claims that a video has surfaced of Brooklyn hip-hop icon conversing with trap emcee, Offset backstage at the BET awards.

According to RUMOR MAKERS, Hov is upset with Offset since he is using Beyonce’s name in the song “UR My Beyonce,” a song with Cardi B.

Jay Z + Offset Fight details.

Basically, a “top LA-based producer” revealed that “Offset has a new song called ‘Ur My Beyonce’ with Cardi. I heard that Jay Z didn’t appreciate it.”

The reason is it has to do with Offset using the word “b-tch” in the song referring to Bey. The Blueprint rapper “is shutting it down. He doesn’t want his wife’s name used like that,” according to a “top LA-based producer.”

The sound to the video is turned off, probably on purpose, but that didn’t stop fans from concocting theories of the “altercation.”

Check out Jay telling Offset to keep Beyonce’s name out of his mouth:

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