Jay Z Ignores Kim Kardashian in Malibu


Jay Z Ignores Kim Kardashian in Malibu

According to witnesses Jay Z apparently came face to face with Kim Kardashian at Nobu restaurant in Malibu Sunday night and walked right past like she was nothing.

Ouch, talk about cold breeze!

CelebNMusic247.com heard about the rumor via The Sun who is saying that “It was really awkward” that Jay Z just walked by like he didn’t know her. Could this be that Kim Kardashian recently shaded him with a photo of she and Kanye in an elevator.



Here’s the breakdown:

An onlooker said:

“It was really awkward. Jay Z had been quite low-key having a meal with pals.”

“But then everybody noticed the entire Kardashian family when they came in.”

“Jay Z was heading to leave and Kim was right in front of him. They just completely blanked one another.”