Jason Kidd Son CJ Marries His Boyfriend



Jason Kidd Son CJ Marries His Boyfriend

Rumor has it that NBA baller and now coach Jason Kidd son CJ marries his boyfriend on the low low along with matching rings.

We previously reported on The Brooklyn Nets coach and former NBA star Jason Kidd’s son is allegedly OUT of the CLOSET back in May of this year.

Take a look at Jason Jr and his dude:


It appears that the rumor may be true, because CelebNMusic247.com is hearing another one claiming that CJ just got married to his boyfriend.  Jason Kidd Jr. says that they are “Boooees For Life” alongside a photo of her and his man shirtless.   They actually make cute couple all hugged up and happy.  

So if this rumor plays out to be true, CelebNMusic247.com congratulates the happy newly weds.  By the way, you may notice that both ment have matching rings to symbolize their love, but this is normal for many gay couples. 


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