Jai Courtney Says Terminator: Genisys Not A Reboot


Jai Courtney Says Terminator: Genisys Not A Reboot.

Terminator: Genisys star Jai Courtney discusses the upcoming project is NOT like the rest, the film will likely be a more family-friendly proposition than its predecessors in the series.

Courtney says:

“I would love to see it be rated R, but I don’t think it will.”

 “I think in this day and age, it’s much more likely to be PG-13. There were no f-bombs. But there’ll be a healthy amount of movie violence.”

Courtney explains that it will be neither a sequel nor a reboot.

He explains:

“What I can say is that we start in a place we’re familiar with from the early films and then, you know, circumstances change,” explains the star. “It somewhat shifts the course of events from that point.”

“It’s not necessarily a sequel or a reboot. I don’t even know how you brand it correctly. We’re not remaking one of the early Terminator movies. And it doesn’t necessarily carry on from the point where we left off.”

Terminator: Genisys will hit theaters summer 2015 on July 3 for the holiday weekend.

The film stars; Emilia Clarke, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Clarke and will be directed by Alan Taylor.