Jacquees Removed From Delta Flight

Jacquees Removed From Delta Flight

According to reports, singer Jacquees was ordered off of a Delta flight that was leaving Atlanta over a fight with another passenger.

Jacquees was being escorted off the plane, but the fight continued. Read on…

Jacquees Removed From Delta Flight

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that Jacquees has landed himself some major problems with Delta airlines and the authorities.

Wait until you hear why? Are you ready?

According to reports, Jacquees refused to leave his phone alone while the plane was taxiing, which made the plane turn around and go back to the gate.

Watch the “B.E.D.” rapper being ordered to G.T.F.O. a Delta flight leaving Atlanta:

That would piss us off too. Basically, Jacq RUDE behavior and SELFISH ENTITLEMENT PISSED off passenger, as well as they should have been.  The singer set things off after one of the passengers yelled out:

“Thanks, asshole!”

Another source has said that a flight attendant freaked out on him when he wouldn’t get his phone and reportedly made a racist comment as Jacq was leaving.

No official comment has been made by Delta at this time.

Bottom line if he wants to travel with his phone on then fly private or obey the rules and turn the phone off!

Jacquees NEEDS to recognize that he is just a passenger on a plane when flying domestic. Why does this remind us of something Bow Wow would do. Good thing we were not on that plane Jacquees would feel our wrath!