Jacob Knight Makes Dad Suge Knight A Grandfather Behind Bars

Suge Knight Becomes A Grandfather Behind Bars

Congratulate goes to Suge Knight on becoming a grandfather after his son Jacob Knight welcomed a baby girl earlier this week!

Over the weekend, Jacob Knight took to Instagram to post the first baby picture of his baby girl Sunset Alina Knight, although he is keeping her identity a secret for now. Read on for more on Jacob Knight making his dad Suge Knight Grandfather…


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Sunset Alina Knight #Daddysgirl Thank you god ?? Mashallah

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CelebNMusic247.com reports that proud daddy Jacob Knight aka Lil Suge is on a mission to bring back the millions and help his family which is the driving force he talks about on VH1’s reality series Love & Listings.

On Love & Listings, Jacob Knight is now a real estate agent for the rich and famous, and he is on his comeback.

Over the past week, news leaked that Jacob Knight is now a daddy to a baby girl.

He took to social media to announce the news after a long-time family friend, Auntie Diamond, who was an original member of Death Row Records spilled the tea to the Blast.

Jacob captioned the first photo of his daughter writing:

Sunset Alina Knight #Daddysgirl Thank you, God ?? Mashallah

As for Auntie Diamond, here is what she spilled to the media:

First and foremost I would like to say congratulations to my to dear nephew Lil Suge Knight, a new addition has been born. It’s a baby girl, the last name, of course, will be Knight.

Jacob, AKA Lil Suge, is a star on VH1’s reality series Love & Listings as he’s growing his name as a top real estate agent and according to the publication the birth of his baby will be on the show. A long-time family friend, Auntie Diamond, who was an original member of Death Row Records spoke to The Blast confirming the exciting news.

Much before the birth of his daughter, Jacob opened up to Access Live about naming his baby, making it clear she wouldn’t be named “Suge Knight.

He said:

I have a daughter on the way, so I’m thinking Baby Knight.

According to Jacob, the arrival of his baby girl will play out on the second season of Love & Listings.

He had this to say about being on the show:

I’m glad to be able to share my journey with the world. I appreciate the role to be an inspiration and a new source for hope. We all face obstacles that prepare us for our victory. Thank you all for supporting a Knight. ????

Jacbon detailed further just why he chose to excel in real estate:

I mean, why not real estate? In this field, I want to get out of my father’s shadow. While he’s in prison, I want to make him proud the best way I can.

He added:

I want to be like a role model for those kids that have like a parent in jail.  Those kids who I went to Crenshaw with, because I’m a Crenshaw High School alumni. I just want to be a role model to my brothers and sisters … It’s like, I want to inspire those kids. I measure my success by how I inspire people.


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Best caption wins #LoveAndListings

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