J Prince BLASTS 6ix9ine Over Rap-A-Lot Robbery “Lies”

J Prince BLASTS 6ix9ine Over Rap-A-Lot Robbery "Lies"

J Prince BLASTS 6ix9ine Over Rap-A-Lot Robbery “Lies” During Testimony!

It appears rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s testimony against alleged members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods is full of lies according to Rap-A-Lot CEO J Prince. Read on…

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest from 6ix9ine, born Daniel Hernandez, who took the stand against two former associates, Aljermiah Mack, and Anthony “Harv” Ellison.

All week the rainbow-haired rapper best known as Tekashi 6ix9ine has been on trial speaking on Aljermiah Mack who is on trial for committing crimes on behalf of the Nine Trey Gangstas.

While Anthony “Harv” Ellison is being tried for kidnapping and robbing 6ix9ine during an internal power struggle with Kifano “Shotti” Jordan over the rapper’s career.

Snitc9 claimed this week that top members of the Nine Trey Gangstas had a falling out in part, because of an incident at South by Southwest in March of 2018.

Tekashi claimed that he was supposed to perform, but people affiliated with Rap-A-Lot ran him off stage during a feud with J. Prince Jr. – The rainbow-haired white boy rapper also claimed that he and almost a dozen Nine Trey members were waiting for members of Rap-A-Lot, who were allegedly targeted and robbed after a meeting in Manhattan.

Now, J. Prince Sr., the founder of Rap-A-Lot, took issues with 6ix9ine mentioning his label during his testimony.

A FURIOUS J. Prince now has some words for Snitch9:

Now I’m hearing lies he’s telling under oath about robbing me or representatives of #Rapalot. Let me just make myself clear, if he or any of those clowns were to try to rob me or anyone from the #Rapalot family bad news would’ve to beat them home.

Over this past week, 6ix9ine broke down the structure of the leadership and the inner workings of the gang and implicating all of his former buddies and their crimes.

Tekashi 6ix9ine claimed his crew assaulted Trippie Redd for being in a rival Bloods set, he labeled Jim Jones was a “retired” rapper who was part of the Nine Trey and admitted to paying someone to try and kill Chief Keef.

Snitch9 is making no friends and let’s be honest, there will be nowhere in the US for him to live. He has every corner of hip hop PISSED.

As for, J Prince he states that the incident at SXSW had nothing to do with any type of gang politics and that 6ix9ine is lying under oath:

Let this be a lesson to those who know better to do better because there was never a question mark in my mind that this kid #takashi69 was rat material that’s why my sons didn’t allow him to come into their party. It was never about a rat checking in with us.

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