Is Trump Using ASAP Rocky As A Ploy for 2020

Is Trump Using ASAP Rocky As A Pawn to Sway More Vote

Don’t be bamboozled by President Trump. Yes, he looks like he is speaking out against criminal justice and being righteous in favor of ASAP Rocky, but remember 2020 Election is around the corner.

In an attempt to look good to the African American public, President Trump looks to be using the incident with ASAP Rocky in his favor. And get this, Congressman Andre Carson on Capitol Hill and he said Trump’s tweets are just a play to get more votes in 2020. Continue on… is FURIOUS at Sweden for charging ASAP Rocky for defending himself against two men who were determined to stat a fight.

Here is what we learned from Rep Carson who says he’s been actively working behind-the-scenes to free A$AP, while Trump is just trying to appeal to the African-American community.

According to Carson, President Trump is sticking up for A$AP Rocky by dressing down the Swedish Prime Minister.

He added that the Prez says he’s very disappointed Sweden’s leader didn’t step in to help ASAP skirt an assault charge.

Trump also rips Sweden for not treating Americans fairly … and he slams the country for not doing anything to help our citizens when “we do so much for Sweden.”

Carson gives props to Kanye and Kim for their efforts, but he feels Trump is using triaglation – stating that its a ploy for election 2020.

Now, the Prez claims he’s watched the video footage of A$AP’s street brawl in Stockholm, which shows him trying to play peacemaker before finally losing his cool and absolutely pummeling his attacker. But who really knows. However, he did side with ASAP defending himself especially since Rocky’s attacker has a criminal record.

Is he really standing up for ASAP Rocky and how Sweden is wrongfully accusing the rapper for a fight that took place in their country?  If you watched the footage, then its clear the two Afghani men instigated the whole thing, and have a criminal record in Sweeden.

Our question is this, why ASAP? What about all the men and women of color in the USA, Trump continues to disrespect, and turn a blind eye too? As Carson pointed out in his interview, “its a ploy for election 2020.”

Don’t be fooled.

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