Is Blac Chyna Creeping On Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is supposedly in a relationship with Rob Kardashian but last night Amber Rose’s BFF was spotted with another guy, so is Blac Chyna Creeping On Rob Kardashian??? just caught wind that Blac Chyna was hugged up to a street dude from Philly so we see she’s still keeping her networking skills 100. Get the deets on the flip…

Blac Chyna

Is Blac Chyna Creeping On Rob Kardashian?

We already know Kris Jenner is NOT a fan of Blac Chyna, but her son Rob Kardashian is head over heels for the bad girl.

Chyna has Rob wrapped around her finger like most men. And we still have our doubts on how real this “relationship” truly is.

Is Rob just completely clueless or is momanger Kris Jenner behind all of the hype to get Rob back on the map?

Look at these pics, and notice one thing…cameras are always there to capture the moment!

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna

Then, last night, Blac Chyna was spotted hugged up with one of the PROMOTERS from Philly’s top club PLAYHOUSE.


He’s a 100% legitimate businessman, and allegedly, he used to have ties to the streets. So whats the angle Chyna?

Blac Chyna

Is he a man on the side or a cool “friend” to hug up with?

What do you think about Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian? Real Relationship or just Faking it for the cameras or a rumored spinoff of KUWTK?