Irv Gotti's Brother EXPOSES How 50 Cent Destroyed Murda Inc.

Irv Gotti’s Brother EXPOSES How 50 Cent Destroyed Murda Inc.


After Irv Gotti went on record to talk about how 50 Cent has him in a strong hold and how’s he’s a fraud, Fiddy FIRED BACK. The G-Unit leader dug in deep to let Irv know he NEEDS to SDSU!

Now, Irv Gotti‘s brother is getting in the mix and kicking things up a notch. Chris Gotti has decided to EXPOSES Lyor Cohen, Jimmy Iovine, Dr Dre & how 50 Cent destroyed Murda Inc. Read on…

Irv Gotti's Brother EXPOSES How 50 Cent Destroyed Murda Inc. has learned via Irv Gotti’s brother, Chris Gotti, that Murda Inc. was in the perfect storm.

Meaning that everything flipped for Murda Inc. when 50 Cent and Eminem started making hits. Ja Rule was making hits before 50 and Em, but once those two came on to the scene it was the end of Murda Inc. and the artist involved.

Chris Gotti details some untold true events that Destroyed Murda Inc.

Ja Rule started to fade out. Chris Gotti explains that his brother Irv deicided to end Murda Inc. after 50 Cent took shots at Irv and Chris. Then, Fiddy went at Ja Rule so the beef went at Murda Inc. hard.

50 Cent kept it street when he went at Irv. Chris goes on to explain that they were all under the same label at Universal. And at that time, 50 Cent took over Ja’s position in hip hop. Then, Vi Vindi purchased Murda Ink, so the company flew out Irv and Chris to find out what’s up with the feds and Murda Inc.

Chris reveals that the Feds went at Universal saying if they continue to send checks to Irv and Chris they will get up in Universals books. Universal ending up cutting ties with Murda Inc. Basically, this was the demise of Murder Inc, and some grimy music business tactics that went down in that era.

Listen to Chris as he shares some never before told stories about his encounter with the Feds, the demise of Murder Inc.:

Chris Gotti is on a new tip these days with Add Ventures Music. To learn more on what ADD is about click here and get the knowledge you need as an artist.

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